Vado e Torno

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It was already there Vado e Torno, when Alfa, still from Milan, presented the Mille, a beautiful tractor which, with the addition of 2 axles and coupled to the 4-axle trailer, gave life to the 'centipede', the truck of the moment for scheduled transport.

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It was already there when the first trade association was born, in 1962; when Om put the Supertigre into production and Lancia responded with the Esagamma; when the trucks ran on oil; the steering wheel was on the right; There were two drivers in the cabin. The power steering? A UFO.

In 56 years of activity, Vado e Torno has followed the technical evolution of vehicles and fittings step by step, a segment in which Italy still has an important role in the European panorama. With consistency and precision it has recorded the technical, economic and regulatory evolution of the road transport of goods, the cornerstone of the production cycle.

Over the years the monthly magazine has been enriched with services and columns. Vado e Torno is at the top of the publishing industry for the quality of its contents and the quantity of specific information for the transport of goods

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