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When the magazine was born, there were over 100 publications aimed at the farmer. Many constitute an authoritative presence, cemented over years of activity. None, however, make mechanization the cornerstone of information

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Trattori was born with this approach, preceding other publishers who, abroad, would follow the same path: only machines and all the machines that take to the field every day. The tractor examined in all its details, the large machines and the equipment are the subject of journalistic reports full of photographs and tables, in-depth analysis of the technique and operating costs.

The newspaper is characterized by comparisons between trattori of different brands, services on the machinery market, on the progress of the various crops and on the most modern processing systems. To accommodate the enthusiasm that the category reserves for its car, the monthly magazine punctually follows the rallies, races and festivals with spectacular photo shoots. Ample space is dedicated to all events, Italian and foreign, with exclusive reports produced personally by the central editorial staff.

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