Powertrain – Diesel

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The development, construction, use and applications of the diesel engine are the themes of the monthly magazine. Born in 1986 from a rib of Vado e Torno, Diesel applies journalistic criteria from popular media to this sector, represented by a large group of technicians, designers and marketing specialists.

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The language is calibrated to the need to generate captivating texts and the iconographic support enhances the aesthetics of the object, an aspect that the true enthusiast can grasp even in an apparently arid subject. The essentially technical part is illustrated in tables developed by the newspaper with exclusive indexes, which over time have entered common language. Market surveys find a lot of space.

The diesel engine constitutes the pivot around which a myriad of companies specializing in the construction of machinery for transport, construction, agriculture and nautical revolve. For these companies, Diesel is an indispensable tool: unique in the global publishing scene, it delves deeply into the technical aspects of the engine and its applications.

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