100 Years of Trattori in Italy


It was 1918 when the Fiat 702 entered Italian fields and Ugo Pavesi designed the P4, the first Italian four-wheel drive tractor. At the same time, in the United States, John Deere sold the first Waterloo Boy, followed three years later by the McCormick 15/20 and, in 1924, by the legendary Farmall, branded International Harvester. 
Returning to this side of the ocean, in 1925 the 25/30 testacalda, the first Landini agricultural tractor, made its debut, while in 1927 the Cassani tractor was officially presented at the Practical School of Agriculture in Treviglio, the first in Italy to work with a diesel engine . 
One hundred years ago, therefore, the ancestors of the agricultural vehicle par excellence were born, the machine that forever changed the way of doing agriculture, giving rise to a new era in fields all over the world. Many others will follow on a long and laborious journey that will lead to trattori of today. 
A mix of stories and entrepreneurial realities with brilliant personalities at the center who have created brands that have gradually merged into today's large industrial groups. The common denominator is a drive for innovation that not even the great world conflicts and economic recessions were able to undermine. 
Indeed, it was precisely in moments of crisis, when the imperative was to make a virtue of necessity, that the best minds were able to distinguish themselves by giving lifeblood to a primary sector that has always been called upon to play the key role of feeding populations and safeguarding the environment. After the Second World War, the urge to cultivate the land and produce food pushed some of the most prestigious 'signatures' in the sector to create the so-called 'Carioca', trattori born from the conversion of military vehicles, today coveted by collectors all over the world, just as numerous arms factories began a new and virtuous activity, producing trattori instead of cannons. 
The tractor therefore became a symbol of rebirth from the darkest moments of the past century, rising in some cases to a true hero as in the period of the great Italian land reclamations. 
Retracing the history of the brands still active in our continent, we come across names of planners and designers made famous by apparently more lively segments, such as the automobile, such as Lamborghini, Porsche, Giugiaro, Pininfarina. But these are just some of the many who have left their indelible mark in the wake of innovation, from the Cassani brothers to Johan Georg Fendt, from Hans Hurlimann to Harry Ferguson, from Henry Ford to Giovanni Carraro. In these pages we will retrace the facts, dates and stories of these men and their great invention: the tractor. 
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