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The Great Encyclopedia of Trattori


Through the history of the 20 agricultural tractor brands present in Italy, 'The great encyclopedia of TRATTORI' tells the story of the birth and evolution of the main means of agricultural processing. A choice of trattori truly exceptional, in terms of type and quantity, that offered by the numerous manufacturers active in our area. They all have distant roots. Some have passed the turning point of the century, many others don't remember when they blew out their golden wedding candles. Years and years of activity carried out in the shadow of mechanical progress, incorporating innovations that have no equal even in apparently livelier segments such as the automobile.
It is a complex of muscles, the tractor, which the ingenuity of the builders has tamed, making them docile in the hands of the farmer. The path to arriving at the modern tractor was long and laborious. And it involved an incredible number of designers and entrepreneurs who gave life to brands that gradually merged into today's large industrial groups. If we want to retrace the history of brands active in our continent, it is inevitable to mention the men and machines that characterized their beginnings or who joined more structured groups along the way. Hence the title of encyclopedia attributed to this work: 150 pages of facts, dates, stories of men and their inventions; over 1.500 photos mostly taken from the monthly magazine TRATTORI. 
Divided into chapters, the work develops with the rhythm of a story animated by facts and curiosities that add to historical precision and technical detail.
2008 edition
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