VADO E TORNO was born in 1962 and remained within the Pirelli group until 1975 and then passed under the umbrella of Edizioni Tecniche Moderne. In 1987 the newspaper was taken over by VADO E TORNO EDIZIONI, an independent publishing house that immediately launches an expansion program. This is how the monthly magazine, DIESEL, was born, specifically for the highly specialized professional category of OEMs. Two other newspapers follow, AUTOBUS e TRATTORI, in 1991 and 1998 respectively. Also with a strong professional character and developed around the main theme, mechanization. Between 2019 and 2021, three English-language publications were added to the national publications: Powertrain, Sustainable Bus and Sustainable Truck&Van.

Today VADO E TORNO EDIZIONI, in addition to the publications, organizes conferences, events, creates videos and films, manages four international awards, in order of institution, TRACTOR OF THE YEAR, DIESEL OF THE YEAR, SUSTAINABLE TRUCK OF THE YEAR, SUSTAINABLE BUS AWARD.