Il Mobility Innovation Tour it is a journey around Italy aimed at describing the realities, projects and outlining the horizons of public transport companies. A unique experience to see first-hand the technologies adopted and future ones. Industry 4.0 and Open innovation, digital and electric, circular economy, sustainability and SMEs are just some of the key words that will lead us on a trip to Italy. The idea is to describe the experiences and evolutions of the most important public transport companies and the most interesting public transport manufacturers. The aim is to intercept various innovations that come from direct developments in the sector, from the supplier chain, from SMEs or innovative startups, but also from players in neighboring sectors from which to borrow solutions. 

The innovations presented will therefore not only concern the product itself, but also organizational innovations linked to production processes, for example Industry 4.0, any new business models and new factory dynamics. Each stage will have its own focus, keeping in mind that some thematic boundaries are very blurred. Moving away from simplifications and giving some concrete examples, sustainable mobility also means reducing the environmental impact of production processes. A way like any other to underline one of the major impacts of Industry 4.0 which, at times, translates into ROI, reducing consumption and waste of raw materials.

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